As I note in mynext piece about Reza Aslan

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canada goose black friday Canada Goose Online Humour in faith is a good antidote to fanaticism and to an over serious way of thinking that tends to take everything literally.These aren Bill Donohues, the odious Catholicwho more or less said that Charlie Hebdo had it coming because of its Now if some Catholics can accept and even embracethis mockery and you have to canada goose outlet reviews admit that the satires above havereal pointsfar beyond merely trying to insult Catholics then why can Muslims do the same?And if there is one thing that everyone in the West frets about, it Islam; it Islamism; it our countries relationship with Islam; and it our fear of what the future holds in a world where Islam once our neighbour, once our enemy is now part of us.Cabu and the others knew this, and their reaction was to say: well if you part of us, then think like us, be like us. Understand that there is a difference between mockery and persecution; that words and pictures are only just that; and that part of the deal is that we rise above offence yes, even canada goose outlet store uk when its towards our religion.As I note in mynext piece about Reza Aslan, the like us bit means our democratic values, not going to the mosque and refraining from canada goose outlet sale pork. Schofield ends his piece like this:I miss the world of the anarchic 70s when the worst that could happen when you showed a copulating Christ figure was a letter in Le Figaro from canada goose outlet uk sale from Aix les Bains. Canada Goose Online

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