canada goose 10 Free Apps To Survive The Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Madness Mandi Woodruff Dec. 19 Canada Goose gilet uk , 2011, 5:45 PM If you’re waited till the last minute to get your holiday shopping squared away (no judgments here), you’re going to need a lot more than trail mix and an economy-sized bottle of Advil to get you through. The most important tool in your pocket or purse will be your mobile phone. In fact, more than half of holiday shoppers plan on tapping their smartphones for support this year, according to the National Retail Federation. With millions of apps to choose from, we rounded up a list of the apps that should be front and center on your phone before you even think about hitting the mall. The best part? They won’t even cost you a dime. 1/ Happy Hours Face it: After hours battling mobs at the outlet mall, you’re probably going to need a pick-me-up at some point. Hit up the Happy Hours app to plot your after-shopping plans. It will use your location to pop out a list of nearby watering holes along with their food menus and drink specials. User ratings clue you into which ones are your best bet. Bottoms up! 2/ CouponSherpa Coupon folders packed with clippings are a thing of the past. If you’ve got your eye on holiday deals, don’t leave home without loading CouponSherpa’s handy app to your smartphone. The app lets you locate in-store coupons in your area, which you can download in seconds and have ready at the cashier. Check out how easy they’ve made it to turn your unwanted gift cards into cash, too. 3/ Sit or Squat Not all shops are equipped to handle the millions of questionable bladders that will walk through their doors this season. Find a toilet on the go with this fun app from Sit or Squat. 4/ ShopSavvy ShopSavvy’s mobile shopping app lets Android and iPhone users scan QR and barcodes to unlock pricing information on countless products. The people have spoken: This app has been downloaded 20 million times. Get yours here. 5/ FatWallet has mastered the Black Friday app. Use their smartphone app to keep track of all your favorite sales ads , filter by category and compare deals. Once you’ve got your picks “favorited” you can share your list with friends or family via text and coordinate your shopping plans. 6/ Cheap Gas! Gas prices are are about as predictable as your mother-in-law’s mood swings on Thanksgiving day. Take out the guesswork with GasBuddy’s handy app. All it needs is your location and it’ll spit out the cheapest gas rates in your area. 7/ DealsDroid