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Erin Wasson – Free People Catalog

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Free People – Continue Reading BelowAs the high priestess of smudged eyeliner and slouchy t-shirts, Erin Wasson is pretty much the perfect fit for a Free People ad campaign. It’s especially great that she signed on to star in the brand’s March catalog, though, because there might not have been anyone else up to the task: Shooting it took three days, and involved motorcycling through the desert in 40-degree weather, covered in mud and muck.It’d take someone with grit , like 32-year-old Wassonwho can pepper conversation with words like “rad afan ,” “wicked,” and “sister” without sounding phony to pull that off. “It was the real McCoy,” she told of the campaign, among other things:Free PeopleOn the motorcycling: “I’ve got a motorcycle license and I know my way around a bike, but I got the most wicked pipe burn on accident! I was wearing shorts and made a bad movement getting off the bike, and now I’ve got this nasty scar from it. But it makes it more authentic.” – Continue Reading BelowFree PeopleOn the aesthetic: “We shot a lot of it in the Valley of Fire, which is sort of like a mini Zion National Park. And we didn’t worry if I looked too disheveled or not disheveled enough in the images, which is I think what makes them so great. We just went where the wind blew.”Free People – Continue Reading Below – Continue Reading BelowFree PeopleOn the love story: “The campaign’s supposed to tell this tale of me and this dude. I loved that it was a love story, and that it was fun to film, that we’d pull off on the side of the road and grab a beer, have an adventure. It just felt really real.”Free People – Continue Reading BelowOn the wedding dress imagery: “If I did get married, I’d want my wedding dress to be something simple like that. Something like what Jackie Kennedy wore, like a shift or a slip dress. My wedding would be such a simple affair, so there would be no reason to have a grandiose statement in the dress, ya know?”We know. Erin Wasson’s the real dealsimple, laidback, like the clothes she’s modeling in Free People’s March catalog. Or “a mosaic of gypsy, wanderer style” as Wasson put it. That too.Free PeoplePhotos: Courtesy of Free PeopleRelated: Erin Wasson on Her Hair, Antique Shopping, and CookingRelated: Erin Wasson on Why Rihanna Was a Chill Boss

Erin Wasson – Free People Catalog

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