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The swagger is gone. So is the killer instinct. Johnson even passed on a breakaway in Tuesday’s loss to the Bruins.. Heed the warning signs of cheating. Be proactive. Join CheaterVille and don’t be the last to know.. More significantly, BMW claims the 530e will also be capable of 141.2mpg with CO2 emissions of 46g/km. It is claimed to return up to 72.4mpg and emit just 102g/km of CO2. The standard 520d uses the same engine but is the only model with a six speed manual gearbox, and as a result economy drops to 67.3mpg and CO2 emissions go up to 108g/km.A more powerful 530d uses a 261bhp 3.0 litre six cylinder diesel, is capable of 0 62mph in 5.7 seconds and a claimed 62.8mpg.

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