How about the last time you viewed images or video from an SD

iPad competitor will have two video cameras

In an apparent attempt to steal some buzz from Apple brand new iPad, Hewlett Packard on Monday released some details about its computer, which will go on sale later this year.

A new blog post and video highlight some apparent differences between the two gadgets: The HP device has two video cameras, a USB connection and also support for Flash animations.

Like the iPad, the HP gadget is a medium sized, touch screen device that acts kind of like a laptop without a keyboard, and kind of like a stretched out smartphone. In a blog post, HP vice president and chief technology officer Phil McKinney says the Slate will let people create content as well as consume it:

Think about the last time you chatted with friends over Skype on your notebook. Or uploaded a picture from your mobile phone to Facebook or Flickr. How about the last time you viewed images or video from an SD card or a USB device. We know that you expect to be able to capture and share digital content on your mobile devices. And the HP slate device excels there.

A short YouTube video Canada Goose online posted canada goose coats by HP indicates the canada goose black friday sale tablet like buy canada goose jacket device will have two video cameras one for taking images of the environment, and one that captures the person holding the device. That second camera could be used in live video chats, for example.

HP briefly showed off the device at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, and has since been leaking videos with new details about how it will work. There no word yet on how much HP device will cost, or exactly when it will Canada Goose Outlet be released. The performance (aside from battery life) is mediocre at best, its inability to multi function is frustrating and it price is too high.

Windows 7 is leaps and bounds better than Vista and XP. I running 7 on my media center PC, with some crazy accessories and their associated drivers, and I have yet to have it blue screen on me.

But hey, that iPad sure is neat lookin

My question is this, with no physical keyboard, isn it going to be harder to write incoherent babble that you call a in some trendy coffee shop?

Bob you actually said that! Every company I have worked at for the last 28 years has been Microsoft based. Maybe you should get out of your basement more often. created Windows as a 2018 canada goose outlet knockoff of the Apple OS back in the day and they been updating it only as much as they had to ever since. They just sit back and collect the $ because they sell their product so cheaply. The only reason ANYONE uses MS in a professional setting is because it is cheap. Now they spend a lot of money on gaming R+D because they see that as the future of the company.

I canada goose deals bet you worked at a corporate company in a large cubicle farm. The CEOs made off Canada Goose Online with the extra money they saved because they bought cheap Microsoft products for their underlings.

My money is on an Android powered slate computer. If Asus or any other company was smart, they would just align themselves with Google and go that route without using a Windows OS and going directly against Apple. Look what many of the mobile phone developers are canadian goose jacket doing with Android on the smart phone market (and it starting to show in the market share of iPhones and other smart phones). Even with the patent canada goose store law suit filled by Apple, HTC is poised to gather even greater market share by releasing more robust and better looking phones using Android OS. HP has the right idea with their slate computer, but it would canada goose outlet store locations have been real nice to see this thing run using a modified Android OS behind the hardware.

I use both mac and PC. My wife being a graphic designer swears by mac for her work. Personally I cannot afford most Mac products. If a pc provides the canada goose functionality you need at a fourth of the price then buy a pc. For those canada goose replica who are bad mouthing corporations for buying pc over macs, as if that were a bad decision, you need to grow up. How is it a smart decision to pay four times as much for a machine that will be used for word processing and low to no graphic applications? You are all sheep, being herded by either Steve or Bill.

anyone who says that Macs are Canada Goose Coats On Sale slower than PCs must not have actually used them for any WORK. (like 3d movie animation rendering or something) fact is, they all use the latest Intel chips, so speed isn an issue.

you can also install Windows on a Mac and boot straight into it, then you have a really well made, fast PC, with a more sturdy design and nicer look. (you still get the windows viruses and spyware while booted into windows sorry) at least you can boot back into OS X when you tired of having to allow security pop ups every minute!

for all the tired blue screen jokes you do know that windows reboots automatically right? it creates a dump file and reboots but i only seen the blue screen 2 times. once after buy canada goose jacket cheap running my system for over a year without restoring (and i am a heavy computer user) and when i had a problem with an update when canada goose coats on sale i restored my system. both times it corrected itself and rebooted so no control alt canada goose clearance delete necessary.

if you arconserve got the blue screen a lot you were either a. user. I can run more than one app at a time and do many other things Apple doesn like but only because its jailbroken.

I sure I would also enjoy the Ipad if I had one, but I don think its a netbook or laptop killer at all.

As nice, wonderful, amazing, wonderful, excellent, revolutionary, amazing, incredible, Canada Goose Jackets bigger, better, amazing as it is, in terms of overall functionality and versatility I will keep my ultra light running win7 thanks.

make 8 figures and run a Mac. I better than RG! I would expect someone in your profession to act a bit more professional rather than arguing over blog comments. But then again. Are you sure you aren calculating the comma and decimal places in your figures. (IE: 1,000.00) That a bit misleading don you think?

I myself, will hold out on the iPad for the HP Slate. It offers canada goose outlet toronto factory far more functionality canada goose clearance sale than the iPad. Anyone buying into the crap that Apple is feeding deserves to be ripped off. The real reason Apple does not support flash on it devices is because they want to limit users to apps developed and sold in their like it Canada Goose Parka iTunes store only. HTML5 will never replace Flash. It renders way to slow to compete with Flash and causes the browser to crash more frequently due to server script issues. And if you think getting rid of Flash will rid you from annoying Flash Ads think again, those ads can be cheap Canada Goose just as easily displayed using HTML5 only cause more lagging and won be blocked using AdBlock Plus. The reason why they do not add the USB port is to make it buyers have to purchase Canada Goose sale all the accessories from them and charge the installation fees.

Mac users are retards that can troubleshoot their own issues and rely on Apple customer service to resolve their problems. Meanwhile spending lots of money on inexpensive and often times quick fixes or user errors.