idea of playing soccer at the college level

Tampa Prep senior Abby Bravo said a bad recruiting visit after her junior season almost caused her to give up on the idea of playing soccer at the college level. The Terrapins defender said she wasn sure she wanted to take that next step after the visit after seeing the pressure the program put on its players. However, once her senior season at Tampa Prep approached, the senior decided to take another shot at the recruiting process and found a home at Florida Southern..

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“I was really nervous before I opened for Stanhope because his audience is known for being kind of brutal to openers since they don’t care about anyone who isn’t him. We were sitting backstage and he was trying to talk to me before I went on, and I just thought to myself, ‘This is awesome but seriously dude, stop talking to me. I need to think about what I’m about to say.'” The set went well, and gave Noah another shot confidence to help take his career to the next level..

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Michael Doherty, a Republican whose district includes portions of Warren and Hunterdon counties, issued a statement today criticizing the state’s decision to issue tax credits in order to lure the project to Camden.”The Philadelphia 76ers basketball team will build a new $82 million practice facility in Camden, New Jersey. “This means that the facility will essentially be a free gift from the hard pressed taxpayers of New Jersey to Joshua Harris, the billionaire owner of the team.”Doherty questioned why the state is providing Harris with tax credits, when Gov. Chris Christie says New Jersey is facing an $800 million budget shortfall.”Local governments are being forced to cut to the bone,” according to Doherty’s statement.

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