offense in the country this season

Two words: Student loan. Did you see where the University of Florida’s newest quarterback Notre Dame transfer Malik Zaire says he thinks the Gators could have the best offense in the country this season? Love his enthusiasm, but personally I think UF’s offensive rallying cry this year should be: “Just don’t finish ranked 100th or worse, baby!” The preseason Amway Coaches Poll was released earlier this week, spawning hours of mind numbingly meaningless debate on pointless rankings that really mean nothing in the grand scheme of the college football season. That said, FSU SHOULD BE RANKED NO.

“Maybe I’ve been really lucky,” said Miller, referring to BOLA granola’s 10th anniversary. “I don’t think of myself as having an instinct for business. I was very lucky to get into Whole Foods (the organic food chain that sells BOLA granola’s products from Maine to New Jersey) when it was still possible to do that..

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Nashville, TN (Sports Network) Ilya Kovalchuk’s goal in the first round of a shootout was enough for the New Jersey Devils to take a 3 2 comeback victory over the Nashville Predators. Nashville held a two goal lead entering the final period, but goals by Kovalchuk and David Clarkson sent the game into overtime. Zach Parise added a goal in the second round of the shootout, while both Cal O’Reilly and Matt Halischuk failed to get the puck past Johan Hedberg.

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NZ in a bit of trouble early in the run chase. Good length on middle, beautiful outswinger as Guptill plays inside the line of that one. Misses the line and the ball brushes the pads before disturbing the off stump. But a Springsteen show never wallows in the depths all night long. As he preached to the crowd before “My City of Ruins,” he and the E Street Band were at the Palace to feed the mind and stimulate the body and take no prisoners while doing so. “Tomorrow you’re gonna say, ‘What the f happened to me?!’ ” Springsteen proclaimed and it was a promise that was more than fulfilled..

I called my agent and said, I done with football. I can do it right now. It not for me anymore. Chinese company DJI makes one of most popular brands. Chances are, if you’ve seen a drone on the job, it’s in the DJI Phantom line that retails between $500 and $1,300. I’ve personally spotted four drones in the last few months at the Santa Barbara Bowl, East Beach, Isla Vista, and the Mesa.

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