Renamed to sound less country

Renamed to sound less country, the tale of a man in a V 8 Ford chasing his unfaithful woman in Cadillac Coup de Ville that was (as Chuck put it, in the first of his many contributions to the English language) “motorvatin’ over the hill” changed everything. Chuck Berry was no longer a wannabe blues man. He was a rock ‘n’ roll star ready to give the kids what they wanted “the big beat, cars and young love,” as Chess would later put it..

Plus Wigan Casino’s Russ Winstanley, Glenn Walker Foster and more. Friday, May 16, 8pm 2am. 53 Degrees, Fylde Road, Preston. The two riders worked together and built a large lead on the remainder of the field. Knowing they’d secured the top two spots, Officer and Townsend began vying for the Stars and Stripes jersey. Officer attacked Townsend several times throughout the latter stages of the race, but each time Townsend was up to the task and held Officer’s wheel.

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