That would translate to 7 to 10 inches canada goose clearance

travel around rush hour

update: The buy canada goose jacket National Weather Service has extended the over the immediate metro area and now includes the District as well as Fairfax, Prince William, southern Fauquier, and canada goose Stafford counties in Va. and Anne Arundel and Prince George’s county in Canada Goose Outlet Maryland. Calvert, Charles, 2018 canada goose outlet and St. Mary’s county remain under a Winter Weather Advisory. for the potential for 5 10 inches of snow.

After a break in precipitation this morning. Accumulating canadian goose jacket snow will Canada Goose online overspread the area this afternoon and evening. A mix of rain and snow will quickly change to all snow during the afternoon as it becomes heavy. The period of heavy snow will canada goose black friday sale coincide with the late afternoon and evening rush hour commute across most of the region. Including the Washington DC and Baltimore metropolitan areas. Conditions in southern Maryland will deteriorate around sunset as precipitation changes to snow.

The heavy snow will reduce visibilities below a quarter mile with snowfall accumulation rates at times of Canada Goose Online 2 inches per hour. This will produce dangerous travel conditions during rush hour. You may risk getting caught in horrendous backups and/or getting stuck somewhere. Again, do not be surprised if thunder accompanies the snow. It has already been reported Canada Goose sale with precipitation in West Virginia.

Wes Junker, our winter weather expert has written in to buy canada goose jacket cheap say:

“The radar over West Virginia is looking impressive this morning and the models continue to advertise a big thump this afternoon. That would translate to 7 to 10 inches canada goose clearance sale of snow if we had canadagooseparkasoutlet a 10 1 snow to liquid ratio. The actual canada goose clearance ratios probably will be lower than that in the city but such intense snowfall would still accumulate rapidly. The canada goose replica heavy precipitation rates should cheap Canada Goose lead to temperatures falling rapidly this afternoon when the next shot of heavy precipitation occurs which should lead to most of the precipitation falling in the form of snow.”

Also of note, NOAA’s Hydrometeorological prediction center has 2018 canada goose raised probabilities of getting more than 4″ of snow over the region to 70%, with 40% odds of getting 8″ or more and 10% of 12″ or more.

“I want to know what you think of traveling on Metro too. My wife will be using from 3 4 or 430 pm going Arlington to Canada Goose Coats On Sale Shady Grove and then bus from there. Should she leave before 3?”

Metro should be fine at canada goose coats on sale that time, but you may want to be more concerned about the buses out that way, especially if it’s ride on. They may start only running on Snow Emergency routes (main roads) and they canada goose outlet toronto factory may institute S only schedules. Check the Dr. Gridlock blog for more info.

Metro can still run above ground as long as canada goose deals the 3rd rail isn’t covered, and that takes 7 8 inches of snow. YES PLEASE. The only way I can read comments on my Droid is by following the tiny url from a tweet.

I have followed you year round for a long time, although I don’t often post. Appreciate your hard work and intelligent discussions of the models.

The comments are always entertaining, sometimes canada goose outlet store locations silly, but often enlightening. I’d like to be able canada goose store to read them on my phone easily.

Now, let the thumping commence. My brother drives all over the metro region for work, and I told him to get off the roads early canada goose coats today. He scoffed at me, and said NWS only has an advisory (which is mainly where he gets his info), and it didn’t look too bad. He listens to WTOP as well. He’s not obsessively checking the weather updates like me 🙂 Hopefully he’ll listen I have tried to get him to check out CWG, to no avail. It shows what the atmosphere is doing at the very moment. doesn’t show you the turbulence and the upper air instability that will cause radar images. several hours from now. to be solid and quickly overspread the Canada Goose Jackets Metro Canada Goose Parka Area with heavy precipitation. Radar might be good for predicting, say, 20 minutes into the future if that. It is hard to look at the echoes and NOT think they will stay the same over a period of time. I know.