We were rubbish

We were rubbish. We failed to control the game and were massively uninspiring going forward. When Alexis drops so deep you are never sure if this is a cause or symptom of our poor performance. Across the country state lawmakers also are determining whether leaving it up to local prosecutors to charge police officers for suspect deaths is ethically sound. California and New Jersey are looking to follow in the footsteps of precedent setting Wisconsin, which last year mandated independent probes for officer involved fatalities. A new Missouri bill would require local prosecutors to bring in outside investigators and prosecutors in similar cases and a bill in Colorado also might be forthcoming..

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Brett Gardner followed with a rip to the corner of right field, but was thrown out trying to stretch it into a triple. Reddick threw it to Correa, whose one hop to third base was just in time for Alex Bregman to tag Gardner out. He was initially ruled safe, but Bregman was so confident in his tag that he walked off the field as soon as the play was done.

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Backpacking stoves have continued to get smaller, lighter, and easier to use. With advances in stove design, improvements in pre prepared backpacking food, and regulations limiting fires in National Forests, more people are choosing to carry stoves. This has resulted in more choices for consumers, who are often uncertain about what advantages different types of stoves offer..

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