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Review Of The Amanda Knox Ebooks

RETRIBUTION!On Friday, March 27, 2015 the highest Italian Court overturned the overturned decision that had overturned the original guilty decision in the case against Amanda Knox and her then boyfriend. After spending four years in prison, being released because the decision was thrown out; then having moncler outlet uk another guilty finding against her only to have this decision declare that one null and void, she is now finally free to pursue her live and never look over her shoulder again; the Italian Courts will no longer be coming for her to try her for the murder.

moncler sale outlet Let’s pretend that you are the judge on a capitol murder case. The prosecution is adamant that the defendant is a blood thirsty killer, a deviant the likes of which few have ever seen. What evidence is offered to prove this claim? The fact that Amanda Knox had done a cartwheel in the police station while waiting to be questioned. Need more? How about the fact that while at the crime scene, she was seen discount moncler outlet to put booties on her feet before entering the room, and while doing so she “swiveled her hips” in a seductive manner. Not enough? Well, how moncler outlet location about the fact moncler coats for men that she was seen eating pizza a few days after the murder. Well judge; are you convinced of her moncler outlet guilt?

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? But these are simply a few of the “facts” presented in court to prove Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend were fiendishly clever murderers, a pair of sadistic sex fueled killers.

Now don’t laugh, cheap moncler jackets wholesale I am serious. These situations and more are detailed in Preston’s ebook “The Forgotten Killer”.

cheap moncler ebook The Forgotten KillerIn The Forgotten Killer, you get a glimpse behind the curtain of the Italian Justice System. The smoke and mirrors which were in play during the original trial are dispersed and dismissed, leaving you the reader able to view the facts of the case; not the wishes of the prosecution, nor the desires, nor the allegations. Just the facts. The fact that he had a run in with the same justice system a few years prior allows him to provide the reader with a unique perspective of what happened and how this system can work. In addition, though he is thousands of miles removed from the scene moncler chicago of the crime, he knows the adversary intimately. Giuliano Mignini, the prosecutor in the Amanda Knox case is the same man who doggedly and cheap moncler jackets infamously pursued Preston and Italian journalist Mario Spezi in the case which was documented in Preston’s book The Monster of Florence. Preston well knows this man’s behavior and resistance to facing the facts which are as plain as the nose on his face. moncler coats for kids He took the Behavioral Science section of the FBI to hitherto unknown heights, and was involved in some of the most famous (notorious) serial killers in American history. Discount Moncler Coats His books are fascinating and allow the layperson to see what makes a killer tick. In addition, he was the inspiration for FBI agent Jack Crawford in Thomas Harris’ Silence of the Lambs.

Steve Moore is a twenty five year FBI agent and was trained by Douglas at Quantico. His input here is invaluable.

moncler outlet sale In addition, we have a Judge, moncler coats Michael Heavey; Legal Expert Jim Lovering; Hollywood heavyweight Thomas Lee Wright; and even a letter to the Italian legal department after she was detained by moncler jacket outlet them from Amanda Knox herself.

cheap moncler jackets This work moncler outlet store gives clear, concise, and incontrovertible proof that Knox is innocent. Far, far beyond a shadow of a doubt.

moncler outlet In this book, Wright begins by laying the groundwork for those who will follow. He sets the stage by providing the bones of the process, allowing those who follow to flesh out those bones. He does a fine job at this and by the time you reach the end of his chapter, you are convinced Knox is innocent. But we will not stop there.

cheap moncler coats Preston is up next and he admits that in the beginning he was a doubter, believing her to be guilty. A phone call from Wright supplied Preston with a single fact which gave him pause: who the prosecutor was. The facts that followed caused Preston to have a change of heart, and he came on board to moncler outlet online assist in Knox’s case. He then relays the facts of the case, including a 43 hour period of intense interrogation lasting 5 days which ended with a confusing admittance of guilt that had followed a final overnight blitz of no less than twelve moncler coats sale detectives tag teaming her non stop, with no food, drink or even bathroom breaks to be had. Yelling, screaming, name calling, even head slapping behavior achieved what simple police work could not: she signed their moncler jackets cheap confession. But even that confession made little to no sense, womens moncler jackets and was destroyed shortly after it was gained.

Details such as DNA, blood, murder weapon and motive are brought forward and show who the real killer was. But again, even with moncler outlets uk that person in custody, charged, found guilty, and in prison, the Italian prosecution would not be swayed from Amanda Knox and her boyfriend. No evidence has surfaced which ties them to the crime and Preston shows you every misstep taken by the Italians in their misguided pursuit of Knox.

monlcer down jackets Douglas and Olshaker are next and take a professional, detailed and analytical FBI approach to the crime. They walk you through the crime, step by step, and explain to the reader what the crime scene shows. In somewhat dry FBI www.mymoncleroutlet.com speak they give moncler jackets mens you “just the facts”, explaining them to you in a fashion easy to understand. By the time you finish their chapter you are left shaking your head and wondering aloud “Just how blind was this court?” You see the Modus Operandi and cheap moncler jackets outlet Signature points of the case as described by experts in the field and the difference between the two are easily discernible to the reader. Each of the facts and pieces of evidence brought forth by the prosecution is laid bare to the reader until all that remains is a wisp of nothing clenched tightly in the prosecution’s hands.

Douglas does, as he does so well in his previous books, a fantastic job of “profiling” what the killer would do, both before and after the crime. He is moncler jackets THE master at predicting what someone will do, who that someone is, and where they will be. It is uncanny how he is able to step into their persona and supply the details that break the case. As he relays the details as to how the murder occurred, and by whom, you moncler outlet canada are there in the room and able to see how each act is committed.

moncler mens jackets Steve Moore picks up the gauntlet next and provides his qualifications (which are impressive) and his conclusions. He lays bare the lies of the prosecution having viewed the video made of the crime scene investigation. As he states, these “professionals” are more like the Keystone Kops in this unedited video, showing better how not to than https://www.mymoncleroutlet.com how to proceed with a crime scene. Seemingly common sense acts moncler jackets kids like not walking through the blood at the scene, thereby contaminating the scene with additional blood soaked footprints moving around the apartment; handling multiple evidence with the same tools, cross contaminating the evidence; and perhaps the most egregious act of all, the fact that the police had not collected all of the obvious evidence at the scene before releasing it from their control. A purse belonging to the victim which had bloody fingerprints all over it was left behind, as was a piece of the victim’s bra, also soaked in blood. Both of these and more moncler jackets outlet online were found at the scene after the police had collected all they wanted and released the scene; some six weeks after they released it. Imagine an American homicide cheap moncler coats for women in which the police left valuable and crucial evidence behind at the scene.

Moore walks the reader through the long interrogation sequence providing details which will shock the reader. Details such as the fact that there is a law in Italy which require that all interrogations be videotaped, and no part, not one single minute of Knox’s interrogation was moncler outlet ny videoed. He then walks you through the interrogation techniques which were used to befuddle a young girl into giving them what they wanted, regardless of the facts.

cheap moncler sale Judge Heavey and Jim Lovering are next, providing a view from the bench. They examine the original court’s decision and the acquittal. Their view is invaluable for they moncler coats for cheap provide the perspective needed to see what the mindset was within the court at the time of the decision.

The final chapter is left for the second victim in this case, Amanda Knox, A detailed, heartfelt letter to the Court of Appeals from Knox shows the reader a well spoken young lady as she declares her innocence. This is perhaps the most impressive chapter of moncler coats cheap this work, as Knox comes across as an intelligent and polite young person who is adamant as to her innocence. She details much of what occurred during the early days of the moncler jackets for women investigation and provides her view on them. By the time you are finished, you will be far, far beyond that shadow of a doubt required to find her innocent.

Along the way you are introduced to someone who knows what really happened that night: the actual murderer. Rudy Guede is a man from the Ivory Coast of Africa who lived in the area, was known to the friends who lived together in the apartment, and who had not only the skills, but the motive and opportunity to commit this crime. His DNA was found at the scene in numerous locations, he admitted to it, was found guilty, and is in prison serving sixteen years for the crime.

moncler outlet online And the prosecution knew this the entire time. They know it today, and they STILL conducted another trial and found Knox guilty! Guede even stated for the record that Knox was not involved in any way, shape or form yet the Italian courts have ignored every piece of evidence proclaiming her to be innocent, and focus on non existent proof and ridiculous claims to the contrary.

moncler outlet store Trial By Fury opens with excerpts from various blogs, websites and other locations from around the Web. I will not repeat them here except moncler jackets on sale to say they are extremely disturbing to me for the sheer ferocity of the verbiage used. I was aware of cyberbullying and the concept of someone using the anonymity of the Internet to say things to others which they may not be willing to say to someone’s face. I have felt strongly about moncler outlets usa this for some time now, this ability to be ferocious, harsh, mean spirited to the point of utter and complete hatred without being in the vicinity of the person they are attacking. With the advent of cell phones moncler jackets men which have Internet access from anywhere at moncler coats for women anytime people are able to hide behind the veil of cyberspace and attack without fear of reprisal.

cheap moncler outlet In Trial, Preston does not research the trial of Amanda Knox, nor does he examine the evidence as it is laid out by the prosecution or the actions of the defense; rather this is an exercise in the actions of those who are not a part of the Amanda Knox case but who are more than willing to voice their opinions and woe unto those who do not agree with them.

moncler sale One of those individuals who have learned that these people mean business is Steve Moore. Moore contributed to the previous book The Forgotten Murder. He was a twenty five year veteran of the FBI before retiring and going into the private sector. When he learned of the issues with the Knox case he went to his Moncler Factory Outlet employer, Pepperdine University to advise them that he felt strongly that Knox had not received a fair trial and that he desired to assist her team in finding the truth. Pepperdine gave him the go ahead to moncler outlet online store assist. He was warmly received by the mainstream media and his findings gained a following.

He then began to receive threats from people in Internetland. He was threatened, his family was threatened, even Pepperdine University came under fire. Moore’s employers brought him in and spoke to him about the concerns being raised moncler outlet mall regarding his work and the Knox trial. They advised him that he needed to halt his work immediately cheap moncler or else. He felt so strongly about helping Knox that he moncler jacket online refused.

These cyber attackers are not stupid people; they are intelligent and articulate and they have found one another online, banding together to become a community which is extremely powerful. They include members of one of the most prominent cultures online, Wikipedia. Believe it or not, the various editors of Wikipedia were at one another’s throats, outing one another and even drawing the founder of Wikipedia into the fray. As I read some of the things which were passed between the editors I sat absolutely dumbfounded, my mouth quite moncler outlet woodbury literally hanging open with utter shock. As I said earlier, I moncler jackets canada may have known there were those out there who felt strongly about the case, but the hatred witnessed was far more than I have ever thought possible.

buy moncler jackets This is a disturbing read for the simple fact that the individuals who are attacking anyone associated with Amanda Knox and her defense are most likely people you pass on the street daily, waving to them and wishing them well. They are your neighbors, friends, family members. They are your co workers, spouses, sons and daughters, parents. To the faces of those they know they are pleasant people.

But to those who they disagree with online they are without remorse or compassion. They are, well, ferocious in their attacks.