Yes while I agree you should NEVER EVER leave with someone you

Natalee Holloway story inspires Lifetime sequel

Natalee Holloway story inspires Lifetime sequel, reality canada goose series

Natalee Holloway has Canada Goose Outlet been missing since 2005, but the fascination with her disappearance remains stronger than ever.

for Natalee Holloway takes place several years after the first TV movie and canadian goose jacket will follow Beth Holloway (Tracy Pollan) on her search to discover the fate of her teenage daughter, who disappeared on a senior class trip to Aruba.

Beth and her attorney team up with the FBI to build a case against suspected killer Joran van der Sloot (Stephen Amell), who has demanded $250,000 to reveal where Natalee remains are located. But on 2018 canada goose outlet the fifth anniversary of Natalee disappearance, he is arrested in Peru for the murder of another young woman.

Meanwhile, Deadline reports, the 10 part reality series With Beth Holloway will have Beth interviewing families who have been victimized by unspeakable crimes and buy canada goose jacket shedding light onto their Canada Goose Jackets real life mysteries.

I Canada Goose sale believe the parents would much rather have the child back safely at home than a television program. I also do not think this involves any racial issues. However, I do believe that this story (and many others just like it) get the media attention because of the financial and/or political influences that they can muster. I have canada goose replica seen several buy canada goose jacket cheap of these programs and canada goose clearance sale not one of them reveals the trials and tribulations that a family without thousands of dollars to offer as a reward, or spend running around the world in the same desperate search for their missing child. Most of the blame is on the heads of the media. Instead of reporting the news in an unbiased manner, they are looking to increase bottom line.

June 2, 2011 at 12:33 am

What I want to know is why everyone is so sure Natalee was murdered? There is no evidence besides some coerced statements that indicates that. She could have as easily gone into the ocean for a canada goose london swim and drowned. Maybe her canada goose deals parents just need to find someone to blame. But one thing is sure, at some point they are canada goose coats going to have to let Natalee go. She has been missing for over five years and there is no doubt she is dead. It sad but she is only one of thousands of children who disappear every year.

April 25, 2011 at 12:01 am

I hope that some day Beth Halloway will know exactly what happen to her daughter. There is no greater loss than

that of a child. Yes while I agree you should NEVER EVER leave with someone you dont know or just met. You should

always go in groups and if one of you leaves you ALL leave!!!!

When this first canada goose black friday sale happen I immediately thought that it was some of her friends who may have done away with her

because she apparently was getting all of the attention that night, I still say her friends know more than what

they told canada goose store the police or her mother.

I hope that Joran tells Beth soon what really happen, no cameras no anything. Because the worst thing

he can do right now is NOT Canada Goose Coats On Sale tell canada goose outlet store locations her where she is. He is enough Canada Goose online trouble already for supposedly canada goose outlet toronto factory killing another young

woman in much the same way he killed Natalie. Yes I believe she is gone and has been for years but where

is her body? Did he actually dump her in the ocean? If so we may Canada Goose Parka never have her body back but what ever

happens I hope in the end some cheap Canada Goose good comes canada goose coats on sale from this!!!

April 24, 2011 at 8:04 am

Somebody forcing you to watch?? Lots of people asked why and how she left with them and the answer is she was coerced by a sociopath. A sociopath who said he would take her back to her hotel. A sociopath who said he was a tourist too canadagoose-online-shop staying at the Canada Goose Online same hotel. Only the morons are still trying to blame the victim. Does it make people like you feel all warm and fuzzy inside to attack victims? Maybe your one of the ones sending Joran canada goose clearance love letters and gifts in prison.